Product Discovery w.38-42 Day 1

Started the day with the longest Queue from Uppsala to Stockholm. UX production Discovery Group 1. Period week 38-42 Ida Elli Maja- Assistant Wiktor- Projectleader Johannes Product: Personal food shopper. What does it provide: Creates a week menu based on personal settings. Creates a shoppinglist. Tells you exactly where you can find the products in the store….

Monday, and I am on fire!

B a l s a m iq !!!!!! I’m turning my sketches in to a clean Wireframe in Balsamiq. It’s so much fun. Below you can follow my work progress. Today I got treated coffe 2 times, feeling like a queen!     Elias our teacher for today showed me how to capture my screen…


  Time to go home! Stay tuned! Piz//Elli