Sick child at home.

I visited today Coop’s mobile app and were impressed by their UX.   Well why I am home is because my little angel has fever and sitting in my lap right this moment. Very cosy way to work. Had my own assignment at Mogul last week and finalized it today. Here is a screen shot….

Trying to Vlogg.

It’s Tuesday,but for one minute a thought it was Wednesday… Yesterday I got the idea after Elias taught me how to film the screen, that HEY why not try to VLOGG. So you can now hear me present my “work in progress”. Please promise me that you laugh! I mean it’s my first try EVER….

Monday, and I am on fire!

B a l s a m iq !!!!!! I’m turning my sketches in to a clean Wireframe in Balsamiq. It’s so much fun. Below you can follow my work progress. Today I got treated coffe 2 times, feeling like a queen!     Elias our teacher for today showed me how to capture my screen…