Assignment 3-Product Discovery w.38-39


Week 38th assignment you find it as a Blogg input, click here and for more here to read my personal perspective and my personal repport.

Hypothesis & Requirement Specification (click on the Link to read)

Week 38th assignment was also was also to create a Focus Group and record the session.

Focus Group (click on the Link to read)

Transliteration (click on the Link to read)

Also read our group repport. Slutrapport vecka 38 (click on the Link to read)

Tuesday evening I did my Observatory Study, what I didn’t do was “Thinking Aloud”kind of study. My object wanted as little as possible to be recorded. And with respect for that I just recorded the screen with a single few comments and followed up with an analysis.

ska%cc%88rmavbild-2016-09-28-kl-12-13-24See the videos bellow. from 2016-09-27


On my way too school.

Notes från study.



My final repport.observations-studie (click on the Link to read)

Gruppens slutrapport-observationsstudie (click on the Link to read)