School project for SEB

In thees last weeks I have been starting my new job at SiteGainer and also been working with a real case at school.

Today we had a last meeting before the weekend with my project group at school, productive as few from 9:00 this morning.

Before we said our good byes we had a chat with our teacher and showed our presentation.

He asked how our experience from our teamwork was. The answer was simple.

It had been great and we are happy with our work. But it doesn’t mean that our road was straight or plain, contraire. It had been bumpy and also it had gone up and down. But we solved every situation by being transparente  and straight foreword in our communication.

Instead of chatting through “Slack” we agreed on having telephone meetings when we needed to discuss an issue, we had patience when not everyone could understand or agree with the rest of us.

So the solutions was simple but not easy. It took courage and patience from all of us to create a great team spirit.

To be continued.


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