Thumb design.

Sitting on a Café in central Uppsala and working with tomorrows presentations.

<A sneak peak on what we’ve done.>

From this round, again I learned something from teamwork-not perhaps something new but how good it is to practice it. Over and over again.

Last week I joined in a short course about google analytics. Since I was like the assistant to my colleague at Mogul and this was for costumers I wrote down my questions and we had a lunch meeting were I could get the answers to my questions.

It resulted in something revolutionary.

The new era. The big screens on mobile, and the question was or is “How should you really design for the thumbs on the mobile?”

Skärmavbild 2017-01-31 kl. 10.26.05.png

Has the hierarki order changed from “top-down” to “bottom-up”?

I mean, should you really just let the old design pattern just tag along??

Another discussion I had with a developer, based on what I learned on Friday resulted in that I got the best metafor for this situation.

Do you remember the old typing machines?

The one with arms? I can still here that sound and remember the smell. I grew up with several of those in my home, and I had a dream of becoming a writer one day. But any hew. Back to the metafor.

The reason why the letter keys were placed were they were placed on the typewriter based on how often you used the letters. So the most common ones were spread to the sides so the arms on the typing machine was not to get caught in each others.

The same design was placed on the keyboards to the computers.

An idea is that it was easier for the transformation. But is there any logic? No!

I think this is a interesting debate and wonderful challenge to design for a better experience no matter if you using a phone with large screens or a small phone.

Lets put a new meaning to word “Responsive website”.


Stay tuned for more!



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