IA- The work continues.


 Here in the glass room we spent many working hours. Laughs and ideas has been shared in here.




While summing up the results after interviewing several persons we are now creating our persona based on the answers.

Xtensio deliver….A good laugh!! ( You need to read the text to understand why)




Today (Wednesday 2016.12.21)

The first round of story boarding before talking to the group. And the result bellow is what we could agree with. See if you understand the story and let me know.fullsizeoutput_1b6d


Costumer journey above and picture bellow. Whit the white post-its is the start of our Site map. That we will have to do during our break.

Minja is inspiring with his lectures. 

Today we talked about mapsorting and also looked at different sights and their menus among many things. We talked a bout something super important. And that is 25% of the adults has difficulties reading. That is a fourth!!! Should you include them or exclude them? I googled this info during the lecture and I am not cutting in often but this time I shared my thoughts since I have a lot of knowledge of dyslexia and similar things. Read bellow:

When you use icons it could be a difficulty that is a matter of interpretation, but icons whit an explaining text creates actually a word picture thanks to the “white space”. If  you have dyslexia or any other problem whit reading that’s how you learn to know what word you are expected to read. But when you have so many words on a list or site or menu. The “word pictures” could be to similar whit each other but thanks to the icon you now can see even more differences between them and you have now made it easier for that group to use the site. It is not the icon itself that matters. It is the whole picture. Icon plus text. 

For an example:

You put the “PAC man” next to the word game you would exclude a whole generation that doesn’t know what that symbolizes. The ones that played games in the 80’s and the kids today since the film “pixels” but the gap in between. No! Right? 

I will stop here. I could go on forever since a love these sort of discussion:)

But for you who reads this. I wish a Merry Christmas and the Best New Year and stay tuned for more in 2017.

Piz //Elli

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