Information Architecture 1 of 5

skarmavbild-2016-12-13-kl-13-57-07I have been sick with the flue, but now I am getting better and I’m so excited to be back at school.

I am in a new project group. And what an ambitious group!

Katte, Henrik, Jorna and me (Elli)

Our notes after brainstorming about all kinds of information solutions. (my only way to communicate ideas).

So I missed my teachers great lectures, sad,but I looked at Youtube and looked through Minja’s Power Points. So now I could say that I caught up. You have to find the solutions- right?


How to categorize information?

I found an very interesting lecture, were they promised that I would learn what IA is within 10 minutes. You can see it yourself below. I can recommend it.

My notes from lecture 16.12.13 with Minja

Kundresa- Tänka, känna , göra

Kundresa- kanaler (Mobiler, datorer, telefon, mm)

Kundresa – för hantverkaren

Kundresa- för den faktiska kunden

Upplevelsekarta- Positiva och det Negativa

Tratten (Funnel)-

Effektkarta- Varför, Vem, Hur, Vad


I would say that to start with impact map is the first thing you should do, I know not everyone would agree. But it is alive document that will change with the journey but the faster you have a illustrated vision in the team, the faster you will all travel towards the same goal.

Yesterday we actually tried a scenario by pretending. like playing a game, and it gave result. We were all on the same page.


How we are going to proceed?

Card sorting is up next.


Stay tuned!





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