The examination day.

This blog update is gonna be a lot of pictures, they say that a picture says more then a thousand words.

The D-Day is done and 6 weeks has gone past.

Sitting right know at Espresso House at Rådmansgatan in Stockholm and enjoying a cup of Chai Latte made out of Rooibos Tea. A friend of mine would say its not tea, but still I am enjoying it.

The day started with me trying out a outfit that says “I am dressed for success!”

Finally in Stockholm, I took the tube to Rådmansgatan and walked to the office were we were gonna have our presentation. Prepped myself with wifi and got to leave my bags there, since they are extremely heavy.

Enjoyed a lovely lunch at Café Saturnus at Eriksbergsgatan, 350 meters from the office. Ida met me there so we could just work on the energy, not so much the presentation.

On our way back I found a beautiful wedding dress, but first, before I get married I have to do the presentation. 😉

The first group did a wonderful job, hack EVERYONE did a marvelous job! But second group had some technical difficulties so Ida and me thought; why not jump in and do our presentation? So we did. In stead of being last we ended up in the middle.

I felt comfortable, so did Ida. My opinion anyway. I was extremely impressed by my classmates, but I was really impressed by us as well.

The presentation of “Parfymappen” we did together is not recorded but the one I did to practice you can find in the portfolio.


Finally relaxing, and having fun with my dear blog.


What’s waiting for me now is a massage at Naprapat Högskolan at Odenplan, for only 200 crowns. How cool isn’t that!

Then back home to Enköping in my little red bat mobile 🙂

On Thursday we are starting a new course with our new teacher Minja. Looking forward to that, but right now I am just sucking in what I learned these last 6 weeks and enjoying that the presentation is done. And also want to send out a big thank you to my teammate Ida- You were awesome!!! And a big thank you to Måns for all his energy and Anna for her engagement.

Thursday -new course and Friday -Mogul.

Stay tuned and please watch the presentation 🙂



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