Mogul- and my first real case.

Today I am extra excited. Last night I got an email from the CEO at Mogul. She was wondering if I could take on a real design assignment?

What do you think I answered? ; YES! of course.

So I have been prepping by my computer at the Stockholm office, waiting for the phone call from “Ola” were I will be informed with what kind of designer project that I will be working on these two coming weeks.

I can’t get in to details but I can tell you it is super fun.

But what is most fun is that I am really in to it so I don’t have time for even looking at the phone. With is a good thing of course.

I learned a little bit about the process Mogul works with.

I also got to test my own knowledge

world analysis


Low Fi Mockup (balsamiq, but also downloaded today sketch)

Empathize with the costumers order

Find other customer solution

Written presentation

… and more to come.

What was also extremely rewarding, was to again join in to the “Creativity Standup” and also join the DSD meeting. To listen to these experienced people! and see their solutions on the designs that they been working on and find out how they were thinking in order to create the finalization.

I am super tired in my head and also my eyes when I am finishing my lines.

So stay tuned for more!




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