Intern and Wednesday’s lecture.

Wednesday earlier this week…

“You can never design an experience, but you can design for an experience”

Martin Christensen

For 2 hours we had Martin’s time for lend.

And as a future UX-Designer it was extremely beneficial.

Sarah & the Duck- Wool on Wheels
He started the lecture with showing us a movie; this is a perfect example of UX- design, perfect example on the process.

I love it. I was nodding my head through the whole class agreeing with everything he said.

What is UX-Design’s process holy words

  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Satisfactory (for the User)

I am gonna tattoo those three words on to my arm…no not really but in to my memory- absolutely.

my notes from 16th of November
But today it is Fri-yeay (Friday).

And I started my day extremely early.

My youngest was humming on “Hallelujah” of Jeff Buckley so of course I put it on in the car, and we sang together. Ha ha ha.

Little bit corny I know, but still that moment was beautiful.

That strength that I got and get from my three kids is priceless.

Finally arriving to Stockholm and to the right adress, I was warmly greeted by my new colleagues (doing an internship at Mogul). On top of it the new boss at Mogul she had bought me a big bouquet of flowers. W O W !

Can you be greeted in any better way? I am seriously asking you!

I met Mogul at Nackademin some time before that I even new that I had been accepted to the school. After that, I didn’t give up the contact with them. And it payed of. After the summer I was finally welcome for an interview. Which led to my internship with the Designer team every Friday.

I think it has to do with my goal is so clear so I know exactly were to look. And of course some luck. I am dedicating a huge thank you to Helen, Pontus and Madeleine at Mogul for this opportunity.

Any who after the breakfast…I got to join in at 10 a’clock “Creative Stand up”.  I listened mostly but had a few ideas to the problem David was presenting. Felt good. The atmosphere here at Mogul is very relaxing and prestige less.

Otherwise I was shadowing Pontus, my mentor, today. I have said it before and I will say it again, to listen is a wonderful way to learn. In time I will get to do more and have more meaty ideas. I am eager to learn.

I think i am really gonna enjoy my time here, I can feel it in my gut. And for you who knows me that reads this- You know that my gut gives me a lot of good directions, and I also listen to it.

The gut is to be trusted.

Stay tuned!




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