Focus on the presentation

Today I woke up with energy, a lot of it.

For some time about this project that me and Ida been working on for soon 6 weeks I lost my focus. I didn’t know if I was gonna work on the process, the idea or the design etc.Or maybe all of it??!!!

But after yesterday it was clear, we were gonna only focus on the presentation.

And now when my mind was set the ideas are coming down like snow and the energy is high.

In the car driving to the school I was even talking to my self, pretending that I was doing the presentation with music in the background. I could see my self in front of the class. playing with words with images in the background that could give a feeling to the audience.

As soon as I got to the school I presented my Idea to my team mate and my teacher.

My hands was shaking but I was on fire!

They liked it, and Ida and me worked on getting the presentation down on paper.

Presentation is on the 29th of November.

The power point is in process and I have been creating a lot of GIF’s.


Stay tuned!


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