Human behavior.

There are many things were human behavior can be observed. Patterns we have, and sometimes we are not even aware of them.

I like doing experiments for example on instagram.

People only remembers how you make them feel never what you say or do.

Just look at the likes I get on my instagram depending on what I post.

Post 1. I modestly present my success equals over 70 likes.

Post 2. I post a more heavy statement. There are several possible reasons why I didn’t get much over 10 likes the first day ( I always get between 20-35 likes whitin 3h).  People could disagree with my statement or even dislike what I wrote etc. but one is surtein- the feeling they got was bad. Cause…..

Post 3. Had 16 likes within the hour. Here I am only trying to create a cuddly feeling. 

I can not do a proper conclusion sense I have not asked the users.

Different tags on Instagram also could do a lot with the likes.

But still if I am allowed to speculate (which is not something you should do as a User Experience Designer) I would say the feeling that user gets after the thoughts has appeared in reaction of reading the post is deciding if they are gonna press the like button or not.

Obviously maybe you would say but still interesting to dissect the idea. 

Another thing that came a cross my mind when it comes to behavior.

I was pitching my idea or project.

Afterward I asked for some feedback from my teacher. 

  • I should work on being more humble
  • I should work on being more pedagogical

I worked for many, many years as a pedagog. But sense I’m in strange water, I can see my self being nervous. Nervous belongs to the feeling being afraid. When you are afraid your animal instinct kicks in. And it’s not strange the behavior. But sense I could see what she was talking about. I have something concrete to work with.

  • Get more comfortable in the subject
  • And work more on just listen and kindly accept feedback

If I gonna end this post within the subject, I have one behavior that I don’t want to change. Never stop growing and never give up.

More about my way to become a UX Designer

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Stay tuned!


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