Comunicate, Involve & Inspire

Anna Brink is todays lecturer and the focus is to proceed the Project, the idea.

But first we are going to divide the class in to two groups.(So I thought but it was supposed to be group by two).

Anna Brink
My idea in process.

I Couldn’t kill my Darling, I believe in this Application and already have a cooperation with the guys from Mobile Application here at Nackademin. Who knows maybe my Darling will be killed along the road, but I have a gut feeling. A gut feeling that this could be something bigger then I first could imagine.

We are a group by two. Ida Bergholtz & Elli Aguilera 

Apparently my beautiful signatur looks like it says EMPA, so that was my name on the Project list. Lucky I spotted it, but first it gave me and the class a good laugh! 🙂

Stay tuned.


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