New course and I’m home…

…with sick children. To be honest I’m not feeling super good either.

Three Pocemons
Picture from Wednesday, just got home and a moment later I find spots on them.

Any who, it’s Friday and I got the opportunity to go to inuse Award 2016 yeasterday and meet a lot of new people within the industry. Do some networking. 

Super fun, not just to be with my classmates img_4769or to see the winner (Swisch) but to talk to all the other interesting people. For example I talked to one of them in the jury (Chris) that works for Toca Bocashe opened up my way of thinking around the user tests. Of course if you are doing games for kids you have to do the tests on kids, you would probably say but the thought had never crossed my mind. I want to learn more about this so I proposed that me and my class could perhaps do a field study at Toca Boca, and it hasn’t anything to do whit that I’m a huge fan of Toca Boca (yeah right).


But even if I get a day home with my three beautiful little monsters, I feel bit sad and anxious over the situation. Today we start a new course! And I am not there!

“User centered Design” (direct translation)

To see the study plan click here.

Stay tuned!


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