Day 2, the work continues.

We worked yesterday with finalizing the plan for the project as well with creating a Doodle for the potential Focus group. The meeting will be on Wednesday in other words tomorrow, unfortunately I will be sitting on a plane on me way to New York. Mixed feelings of course. For even though I would love to observe the groups behavior and answers I’m also looking forward to my friends wedding. But I will get to hear it since the group is going to document it through sound capturing.

On my way home after a very successful day with the new group.

We have a plan!

It’s Tuesday and today we also finished the questioner, the Document  about our Persona, Scenario, Hypothesis and Demand specification. I’m more then happy about the teams spirit, we are all participating. Two of our group members are away, but I don’t feel like we are suffering because of it. It is going super smooth!

Krav specen/ Requirement specification

To see the full presentation for Hypothesis and Demand specification please click the link.


Todays notes after watching clips about FocusGroups.

For now.

Stay tuned!


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