Product Discovery w.38-42 Day 1

Started the day with the longest Queue from Uppsala to Stockholm.

UX production Discovery Group 1. Period week 38-42



Maja- Assistant

Wiktor- Projectleader



Personal food shopper.

What does it provide:

Creates a week menu based on personal settings.

Creates a shoppinglist.

Tells you exactly where you can find the products in the store.


Helps the user make day to day life more effective.

This is an made up service for ICA, OBS Ica has not ordered this Product. This is an fictitious service, for our learning process only.

This weeks FOCUS:

It feels good. It’s a good group. Even tough I’m going to New York instead of looking at as a problem I see this as a great opportunity to take this to a new level. Perhaps can do my interview assignment there?

Well to get started we need to read a few articles first, so classical music in the earphones and let’s do this!

Stay tuned!


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