Wednesday, second week.


We started the day with presenting the Sketch for another group in the class, and of course our solution to the problems our “Persona” had come across in assignment one. We had said between 9 and 10 am. I was 15 minutes lait, as a complementary I treated everyone on dark chocolate. Yum!

Skärmavbild 2016-09-07 kl. 10.49.14.png

They came with good constructive ideas to the group. (Read more in the Final Report).

In my individual send in I will present my own ideas and thoughts for the sight that still is

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I focused a lot on the two purposes that we in the group had agreed on.

  1. Simplifying the actual Buy.
  2. Inspire with “Up to date” and “Up coming” Movies.


“Why?” you may ask. Well I am referring to the Scenario we created in the first assignment. Ulla (our Persona) had actually no idea what movie she wanted to see when she first entered the sight. In other words she spent a lot of time “clicking” through the movies and areas etc. Searching for the right choice, that was in this case

  • She wanted to go today
  • Close to home
  • Needed to be inspired
  • and wanted to buy the ticket from home

The constructive ideas that I liked that I got from the group yesterday, was “the button on the top hade to stand out and become bigger”.

My intention are of course to do exactly that, present my improved idea with a “sketch in layers”. “Enjoy”


Stay tuned!



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