Today it’s FRIDAY/Fri Day/Fri dag/ Free Day!

I was looking through my photos, found a beautiful photo I took in Paris last year. 

It is really the small things that makes the difference. Depending from were you stand your whole view would change. I guess that is exactly what I will work on. Always. From now. To place my self in different angels so I see the coin from all directions. 

I will do some small changes in my weeks work while working in Uppsala, and then after that I’m gonna jump in to my red bat mobile and go to Stocholm to join the “Inspark” at the school. 

I won’t really have a break but a guess it’s dynamic that tricks my brain to think so.

Except from being happy with my performance this week I’m really looking forward to go for an “intern meeting” next week at a company with in the industry in Uppsala.

Perhaps I will get to do my first “LIA”* there.

Wish me luck!

Stay tuned!


* Lärande i arbete

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